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Five Dollar Farm

A Timeless Venue With A Lasting Memory


We here at Five Dollar Farm have decided to go in a new direction with our venue for 2019. We have decided to focus our venue on special event parties. We will no longer book wedding events after May 25 2019. Although we have enjoyed being a part of the Bride and Grooms magical day, we look forward to moving into a new direction of offering availability to host special events..


The events consist of the following:

  • Reception Only Event
  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Gender revels
  • Baby showers
  • Bridal showers
  • Family reunions
  • School reunions
  • Holiday Parties (New Year, Memorial, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  • Company Employee Parties
  • Company Customer Appreciation Parties
  • School Organization Banquets (Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Soccer, Dance Team, Cheer)
  • Anniversary Parties

We look forward to hearing from you  to host your special party!

Located in Rock Spring, Georgia, Five Dollar Farm is a perfect venue for your wedding or event!

The Five Dollar Farm was established in 1992 by Mark and Jan Watson with the help of John Henry Gilbreath. The property originally belonged to John Henry's grandfather and was later sold to Jan's parents who sold it to Mark and Jan in 1991. One day while Mark was bush hogging the front field, John Henry pulled up in his truck on top of the knoll. As always, there was a lot of conversation. However, at one point John Henry asked Mark if he had $5. Without question, Mark gave him $5 thinking he needed to buy a pack of cigarettes with it. After handing him the $5, John Henry then pointed to a cow in his field and said, "Do you see the cow over there with the tag #98 in its ear?" When Mark confirmed, John Henry said, "You just bought your first cow." Confused, Mark said to John, "I know nothing about cattle." "Don't worry, I'll teach you," John said. And so, for the last twenty years, John Henry has been alongside Mark and Jan as they continue to grown their cattle farm. Today, the small family farm has been transformed into a wedding venue for Mark and Jan's oldest daughter. We are hoping that many others can enjoy this property as much as we have over the years!



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185 Hurt Drive
Rock Spring, GA 30739